We believe that greatness comes from togetherness. Getting where we have got to has not been one individual’s journey. It has been a journey embarked upon by many who all bring with them their life experience, ideas, values and views on what our future world should look like.

Join our journey.

We are currently looking to hire a few talented software professionals for building clean and pretty APIs on AWS serverless + Python.
If you know Angular & Ionic – that’s a plus, but pythonic backendsy frameworks are even bigger hits for these positions right now.

Yeah, we have some RDS instances running, but we won’t ask you to explain the differences between SQL joins or write recursive tree queries on a whiteboard during the interview.

If you’ve used some ORM previously, we take your word for it.

If you want to know more about the technologies used, go research our “empty template” project for a new microservice on Gitlab.


Talk to Kimmo, our CTO on Whatsapp, Telegram or phone 044 546 8247 — or if you know someone else at us and want to talk to them first, that’s totally fine with us too.

Our office is close to the Airport – in Gate8 Business Park