We call our subsidiaries and partnership projects as verticals. Usually a vertical is a joint venture with selected partners in a specific industry and market area.

Our vertical model


We are always rethinking opportunities across various industriese and finding ways to optimise the value chain for the best of the end customer.


We redefine what is necessary for the most optimised model in terms of key players, value chain, supply chain, technologies and customer acquisition.


Based on our findings, market studies and business plan we redesign the most effective setup that adds value to all stakeholders within the new value chain.

/vertical funding

We always fund our new verticals by getting vertical specific investors in, ranging from co-founders, state funding and private equity.

/build a team

We belie that a great idea deserves great execution, hence we will always build an executive team for each vertical that is separate from other verticals.


We implement a technical setup based on the vertical’s strategy. This includes our scalable Gateway Core combined with vertical specific addos and user interfaces.

Our verticals

ePharma – a digital pharmacy ecosystem

TradeLink Pro – a digital ecosystem for the LED market

VPK Gateway – a digital voluntary fire fighters ecosystem

Sport Gateway – a digital fundraising tool for sport clubs