Before we get started…One of the cool things (well we think so) about the core ecosystem offering is that it is built in a way that has no risk to your existing business as it can be customised and deployed independently of your existing systems and ecommerce offering. This is achieved with REST API’s, future proofed design via microservices architecture and the deployment and usage of Amazon Cloud services.

The Reseller Gateway

Reseller Gateway is a multi-sided platform that connects the value chain by creating new reseller networks and/or unifying businesses and their existing reseller networks within and across vertical markets. 
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The Commercial Gateway

The Commercial Gateway is a multi-sided platform that automates and unifies data for all stakeholders.
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The Bespoke Gateway

The Bespoke Gateway is a multi-sided platform that can be a blend of the Reseller Gateway and the Commercial Gateway or elements of both or either.
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The Retail AppShop

The Retail Appshop is a native downloadable app for your customers, gives retailers the chance to place their products in consumers’ pockets through their smart phones.
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